Friday, March 31, 2006

Watch your weight!

What's this sudden obsession with weight? Everyone you meet today are either following a diet or planning to follow one or discussing which diet plan is the most effective. It's like the world is suddenly filled with fitness freaks.

I remember how when we were in school (which was not so long ago), we'd eat anything and everything that came our way. And no one made us feel guilty about it. But today our body and mind have been conditioned to reject anything remotely fatty. The diet bug has bitten the old and the young alike. Today you hear 11-year-olds discussing how carbs (short for carbohydrates!) make you put on weight!

Some even take to drastic steps like smoking (which apparently cuts down your appetite) to reduce weight. And for the rich, the beauty clinics offer surgeries for instant weight lose. Even super-markets stock fat-free/carb-free products -- everything from milk to cream to pasta!I fail to understand this weight obsession.

Why can't people appreciate the inner beauty? What's the big deal about looking skinny? Maybe it would be a good idea to send these 'weight-obsessed' people to Somalia in exchange for those hundreds who are actually starving. Guess they would appreciate a good meal without checking the fat content!


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