Friday, March 31, 2006

NEVER date your best friend

Chances are if you guys don't click, you end up losing your best friend.Most people end up making this mistake... even after being adequately warned about the consequences. So why do they end up doing the forbidden? Well, the most obvious reason being -- it's forbidden, so you have to try it out.

Others read the wrong signs -- comfort zone is often misinterpreted as 'he's always been there for me'. What many don't understand is that good friends don't have to transform into good lovers. Once you are in love, the equations change drastically. Your position moves up from a friend to a lover. And with the promotion, your responsibilities increase. This is where most people crack -- unable to tackle the new responsibilities. Simple situations become complicated -- as friends there might have been days when you didn't talk to eachother, but once you start dating, you HAVE to talk everyday... you forget to give enough space to the other person.

We need to be more daring in our love pursuits. And not compromise for a caring hand in our friend.

Go out... look for your perfect partner!


Blogger Pradeep said...

Whether it be friendship or the higher level of love, to take each other for granted is the biggest mistake that can lead to doom. Yes, good friends don't have to transform into good lovers, but good lovers have to be good friends.

8:44 PM  

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