Friday, March 31, 2006

Zee TV's big fat reality show

I am no exception when it comes to killing time in front of the telly. And, I admit to enjoy the masala and silly reality shows. From sleazy couple problems to the more recent talent shows, I am entertained watching contestants cry, sing and laugh for a mere TV channel contract coloured with a huge price money. Be it Indian Idol or America's next top model, I am mesmerised by all the hungama or even the lack of it.

However, one reality-talent show struck a sensitive chord inside me.After watching a couple of episodes of Zee TV's Sa Re Ga Ma Pa, one would be reminded of the British colonial rule. Where divide and rule cost our country her independence. The episodes were not only crass, but it glorified the North-South divide, which has widened over the years. It is appalling to note the extent to which TV channels go for getting high TRP ratings. Do they realise that it is violative of people's sentiments?

In one of the final episodes, contestants were pitted against each other based on which part of the country they come from. Compere, Shaan, proudly observed votes divided geographically.
And this too after reports on ULFA's alleged threats to the TV channel, ordering other contestants to bow down in favour of their hometown boy Debojit. The channel should have been more tasteful in formulating rules for the contest.

I hate regionalism and would NEVER waste any money SMSing for this show. Talent shows should at least try to bring to the forefront talented individuals and not create a rift between states. Besides, the show also lacks professionalism. With judges who talk in the most distasteful way and play cheap gimmicks to support their students, this show is a complete disgrace to the genre of stupid, but harmless reality telly.

Zee TV, please buck up. Your team has left me with a bad after-taste!


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