Thursday, May 11, 2006

Brand Gandhi

Move over Shah Rukh Khan, Aamir Khan and Sania Mirza, make way for the "Gandhi" brigade. The not-so new brand has successfully sweeped over millions across the nation time, and time again.

From, politics to TV polls for youth icons, the Gandhis have pretty much covered every turf. And I bet, if, tomorrow, they start a fashion line, they would give Rohit Bal and Abu Jain-Sandeep Khosla, a run for their money.

I fail to comprehend, how the Gandhis continue to accomplish such adoration. We claim to live in a democracy, yet we secretly find delight in letting a generation rule us even if they have absolutely no qualification.

We might talk about freedom but the truth is that we fancy being tied down in shackles, and enjoy kneeling down in front of our rulers. The raja/maharaja style of rule will continue to cast a shadow on us.

How else do you explain such adulation?

NDTV recently picked out Priyanka for the youth icon. A lady who has nothing to boast of, but a glorifying lineage. What credibility does she have to be nominated as a youth icon? Has she won an election? Worked for the social welfare of the underpriviledged? The only time I see her, is during elections -- dressed in the typical "netah" saree outfit, walking under the scorching sun, hand-in-hand with needy villagers, pretending to show a sign of compassion. Isn't this why we despise politicians? So why are the Gandhi kids any different?

It baffles me that NDTV, which claims to be an objective news channel, plays the craze for the Gandhi tag. Are they illustrating that blood is mightier than the sword? That all it takes to be successful is a celebrated lineage?

Married to a Vadra, the media conviniently underplays her maiden name. For the masses, she's more a Gandhi than a Vadra. Simply because that's her ONLY selling point.

I beg the youth to be more discerning. Don't let shrewd politicians and manipulative media bog you down.


Blogger Tashmetu said...

Oy baby,
how are you?
Muah muah

4:33 PM  
Blogger Pradeep said...

Hi Joan!!!!
Agree with you... There is no meaning in she being touted as the youth icon...

1:29 AM  

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