Friday, March 31, 2006

NEVER cheat on your friend

I know we live in an age where living in is "in", having a child out of wedlock is "cool", wife-swapping is "necessary" and infidelity is a "way of life". But I am still a prude, still very "narrow-minded" and forbid such "new-age" rules, especially if it means to stab a friend in the back.

Yes, friendship is sacred and cheating on one's friend is equivalent to rape or murder. It's a crime of the highest order. If friends fall so low they will even put enemies to shame. Or are they enemies camouflaged as one's friends? Such breach of trust calls for the highest punishment.

I write this blog with a heavy heart. I just checked my mail to see one of the most disturbing pictures. A picture of a 'supposed' friend, with his new-found love, the girl who dumped my best friend. The picture is of the "new" couple, shamelessly posing at another friend's wedding reception.

Shouldn't such men be ostracized? Many may forgive and accept the "new" couple, reasoning (foolishly) that each one to his own and we have no right to impose our values on anyone. Then, by that logic should we pardon all rapists, killers, terrorits and give them the benefit of doubt. Have we become so indifferent that we don't find the need to react to such brutal acts? Am I the ONLY one who has been hurt? Or do we react only if it directly affects us? I ask all those men who have turned a blind eye, would they be okay if he had taken away their girlfriend?

On retrospect, let us accept the argument in favour of the "new" couple -- like they didn't mean to hurt anyone and it was just a cruel game of fate. So will this be justified if the girl (in question) goes on to dump this guy for another friend of his? Where does one draw the line? Shouldn't "the" friend have restrained from having such a relationship when he knew it meant breaking his friend's relationship? The girl (whom I have the least respect for) is not even worth my writing space.

A curse be upon such evil friendships. Don't be fooled my dear "so-called" friend, it would come back to haunt you. It will hit back... in time my "friend"..... in time....


Blogger Smith said...

hey...chill...these things happen...relationships are essentially temporary...

12:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Right and wrong can be so much a matter of perspective.Especially when one finds oneself in a spot he/she has previously condemned. But its valid to ask whom should we pardon and whom should we throw stones at? But then again who decides what is the right answer...Somtimes it so unfair ( and philosophical) to know that it takes both the yin and yang to make a whole.

10:30 PM  

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