Monday, May 08, 2006

A man who died "two" deaths

K Suryanarayana's tragic death at the hands of the extremist Taliban militia send shock-waves across the entire nation. But this horrifying act lost significance immediatelty after reports of his "second" wife cropped up.

Instead of condemning the inhumane act and introspecting the reasons how militant outfits have so much power and influence to strike out innocent lives, the focus shifted to a more morale angle.

The victim, suddenly, attained a devil's mask. The death unfolded a family drama -- the first wife attempting suicide on hearing about the "other" woman in her husband's life, the "second" wife wanting a piece of the hefty compensation, the kids (of both the women) left stranded.

The man's credibility was questioned -- How could he have two wives? I don't propogate "double" marriages, not because it doesn't have any legal standing, but because it's a personal decision.

But it's not a new concept in India. We've seen how Bollywood families support twin houses --- Javed Aktar (now married to Shabana Azmi), Salim Khan (now married to Helen), Darmendra (now married to Hema Malini), Boney Kapoor (now married to Sri Devi) and Pankaj Kapoor (now married to Supriya Pathak). Even outside the filmi world, "double" marriages is not unheard of. None of these men have been looked down upon, infact they have huge standing in the society, so why should Suryanarayana be any different.

The media should have been more considerate to Suryanarayana. I think he deserved, at least a little more respect.

Well, his loss was the Taliban's gain! They literally walked away free after committing a gruesome murder.


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