Thursday, April 20, 2006

Wanted room-mate

I have tried everything from word-of-mouth advertising to actually posting an ad on an online portal in pursuit of finding a room-mate. It's been over two weeks now and the uncertainity of not finding one and the thought of moving out of the house is killing me. Since I have exhausted most of my options, I am going to use my blogspot to do the trick for me.

Here goes -- "Wanted "broad-minded" girl to share a two bedroom independent, duplex in Cox Town, Bangalore. Nice tiled bathroom. Big, spacious cupboards. Nice cute kitchen with gas connection. Big terrace over-looking the green military grounds. Rent Rs 5,000 plus deposit Rs 50,000."

Why broad-minded, you may ask? Because I don't want to share the house with a strict, matron-kind, moralistic person. I've suffered my share by staying three-long years in a hostel run by nuns.

In a strange way, I believe it is easier to find a life-partner than a good room-mate. There are millions of matrimonial sites (online and otherwise) to help you zero in on the right person, but when it comes to finding a room-mate, the options are very limited. There are no aunties or uncles, who'd walk upto you at a family gathering talking about a certain, prospective, well-bred person who'd be perfect for you to share the room with! Even the free ads don't help, cause most often people mistake "wanted room-mate" ads as a hidden invitation for "Can I be your friend?".
I pray that the almighty would step in and scan the entire planet to bring home the perfect girl who'd be willing to share this house for something less than a lifetime!

When my room-mate broke the news about her plans to move out, it sort of shattered me, the way, I thought, only a guy could! That's when I realised how dependant we are on our room-mates. You just can't do without them.

Now I walk around my house, dreamingly, wishing that I wouldn't have to leave this place so soon. In a strange way, I have grown attached to the house. It's cute. It's compact. It's the first house I have ever rented. And in no more than four months, I will be forced to move out if I don't find some girl to share it with.



Blogger Santosh said...

well i really liked ur idea of posting in a blog..
got you form Deep's blog.
keep in touch
read my blogs at

huih and pplease allow other users to post.. i dont use blogger.. but used coz i can post this..

1:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did you find someone ? You still staying at the same place ? or did you have to leave the place you got so attached to in such a short while ? just curious

12:01 PM  

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