Friday, March 31, 2006

Mixed Doubles is absolute trash!

It was definitely the cast that tricked me into watching this film. And what a let-down it was! I would have rather watched Kyunkii on TV than waste my time and money on some 'silly' sex comedy. Firstly I feel that Indian cinema has to go a long way before making fun sex comedy like Something About Mary. This one, however, was a complete turn-off!

The first half deals with Sunil (Ranvir Shorey) and Malati (Konkona Sensharma) living a normal, middle-class lifestyle -- complete with an irritating kid! And for this middle-class family, the washing machine plays a central character -- Malati gives a realistic approach... if not shown cooking, this one is definitely shown cleaning clothes. In fact, most of the conversations occur over a bunch of dirty clothes.

Mixed Doubles then moves to how Sunil wants to sex-up his love life through wife-swapping. How that would spice up anyone's lovelife is beyond me, but that's clearly a 'me' problem. Anyway, moving on. Mixed Doubles may aim to create a realistic approach to wife-swapping but it does not! It starts out perfectly but drops momentum half way through.

Director Rajat Kapoor fails to spice up enough feel for the characters, and more importantly, the issue on wife-swapping. The way Sunil convinces Malati to be part of the whole plan is silly and highly unconvincing. Legendary Naseeruddin Shah is absolutely wasted in the film. Why shove him in a corner is beyond me. As far as the rest of the cast goes, Ranvir is a killer. He's smooth, convincing and a treat to watch. Konkona is average. Koel Purie is convincing. And Rajat continues to play the stone-faced man! It's difficult to wash away the 'child-molester' tag he acquired from Monsoon Wedding. On the whole, it's a complete waste of time and energy.

Like someone rightly said, the moral of the story is 'never rub a woman's back'. Go figure!


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