Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Last man "laughing"!

Pravin Mahajan might be rotting in jail, but the news of his nephew's drug overdose will definitely see the man beaming in esctasy.

Let me stress that I'm not being judgmental about druggies, but I do strongly feel that anyone who breaks the law should be punished. Money power should not disillusion anyone from walking away free.

Images of droopy-eyed Rahul being escorted to the court and back make for interesting TV viewing, but would he ever face the whip for his late-night binge? Incidents like the Apollo hospital turn-around would be repeated, no doubt. In an age where money and power can buy just about anything, I wouldn't place my bet on his execution. Fardeen Khan is a walking example of how you can snif coke and remain unharmed by the law.

I can foresee, not too far from now, images of senior police officials mumbling loop-holes in the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act and proclaiming Rahul an "innocent" man. And after that, the BJP will pick up the "honest" boy and groom him into being their next "Lakshman". He would be portrayed as the naive boy who was mislead by a few undesireable elements. The others -- three Nigerians and Sahil -- will be left to face the consequences.

Before I fast-forward, I'd like to rewind just a bit. I wonder, if it's this clout, this misuse of power and money, that irked a man to pump bullets into his brother.


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