Friday, March 31, 2006

'Unconditional love'

Unconditional love is what sums up my relationship with my dada.

He has been a constant force of support and encouragement throughout my life.He has always been my pillar of strength. And for him, I will always be his 'little girl'.

I remember when I was little, he used to carry me to bed every night. And when I grew as tall as him (or nearly as tall!), he'd walk me to my bedroom (and sometimes even insist on carrying me!). But no matter how tired he was, he never failed to tuck me into bed. Even through bad dreams... one yell and he'd rush to my bedside... stroking me and holding me till I fell asleep in his strong arms, wrapped tightly around me.

Over the years, he's transformed from a strict father to a close confidant.I recall his 'special' punishment for me when I was in school. If ever I lied, he would make me kneel in front of a picture of Jesus Christ (which is placed in our living room) and ask me to pray for forgiveness. This may sound a little weird, but I must admit that it has helped me grow stronger, cemented my faith in God and above all, stressed the importance of truth in my life.

All fathers are protective and mine is not any different. So in school, boys were kept out;) I was banned from even having a telephone conversation with them. But after I moved away from home to pursue my career, my dad accepted my freedom and trusted my judgment in men. He never questioned my friends (whether boy or girl) and accepted them all. I was even given permission for sleep-overs with a couple of old school friends (both boys and girls).

He has showered me with unconditional love and I only hope that I am able to give him at least half of the happiness he has given me....


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