Sunday, June 11, 2006

A new beginning

I've moved. Lugged my belongings across to RT Nagar.

Nestled in far, far away land, I suddenly find myself travelling in dirty rickshaws to work. And with escalating petrol prices, I might soon find myself in crowded buses. It's all too sudden and distant for me.

Even though Cox Town introduced me to the harsh realities of life -- villainous landlord, sneaky maids and a sleazy neighbhourhood, I still miss my Cox Town 'home'. I miss the luxury of reaching work in less than 15 minutes. I miss being so close to civilisation and I miss toilets that are easy to flush.

I've always detested change, of any kind. Once I settle in, I am happiest being in my cocoon, even if it means living in hell. Which is why I guess I was happily miserable in a bumpy relationship for nearly seven years! I take the BIG step only when pushed to the edge. Even a trip back home, sees me emotionally drop on the day I have to leave. It's not only because I will be homesick and blah, but also because it means, I have to shift back to a different routine.

For now, I sleep on the floor, on a flithy mattress with no bedcover. It's only been two days, but I find myself disconnected. When I walk in, I quickly scan the rooms, the kitchen, the bathrooms. Guess it will be a while, before I make this new apartment, my home. And I pray it will remain 'home' for a long time to come. Don't want to deal with 'sudden' changes!


Blogger Pradeep said...

Happy unpacking. And, hope you are thru with it fast. And, wish you well in your new home....

2:15 PM  

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