Thursday, July 20, 2006

Arrested Thoughts

We have been ordered to keep our thoughts and emotions handcuffed. That's what the "Nazi" powerhouse dictates in their languid effort to nab the perpetrators of crime. The blogs are locked up and the public banned from expressing themselves. With our hands tied, and mouths sealed, we are targeted for no crime of ours. An entire community is put on hold. Our voices bottled up.

Blogging, harmful or not, has become a passion and lifestyle for many. Not aimed at destroying the nation, as the government would like to believe. In fact, it's a medium used by millions across the globe to reach out to one another -- discuss, interact, voice opinions and even help eachother.
Is it a crime to blog? Is it a sin to pen one's thoughts and interact with like-minded people?
Like any medium, even blogs could be misused, but punishing an entire community for the offence of some, ain't justifiable. Will we reach a day when we will live with our mouths sealed?

If it's security the government is concerned about, then they must introspect whether this move would in actuality have any effect on terrorist outfits. Do they believe that if blogs are blocked, they will stop communicating with one another, and hence all militant projects would come to a standstill? Is it that simple to curb terrorist activity?

Instead, the government should pull up its socks, beef up security and intensify investigations and catch the militants. A mere ban on blogs won't achieve any miracles.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

The Green Revolution

It's weird how everyone I know has now transmogrified into a small, green dot. Flashing on the computer screen with wacky message lines, it's the newage lingo for 'keeping in touch'.

Meeting up over a cuppa or smsing or even calling eachother has become outdated. In a world of stone faces and no-polite-conversations, we are happy to do away with the humane touch and depend on an arbid string of words. Even e-mail inboxes are left cluttered with absurd forwards. Guess, a green dot is your new link to your world of friends, family, lover, neighbour, boss, etc.

Barring the being-aloof factor, the green dot has become a matter of convenience -- it's quicker, easier, less troublesome and a cheaper stay-in-touch option. And you no longer have to worry about intruding into someone else's space, as the colour of the dot gives you the go-ahead!

So hopefully the green dot will help everyone relink to their loved ones. So go on, keep the communication always green.