Saturday, August 05, 2006


If you see someone without a smile, give them one of yours...

We've all heard this line before... but in actuality, how many of us follow it?

I for one, am so caught up in my own world, my own space, that I very rarely make an effort to smile at anyone unless someone smiles at me. I'd never make the first move. Not because I am a snob but because I am lazy by nature and would rather wait for the smile to come my way.

But today, I decided to take a new step. I went ahead and smiled at everyone at work. Some might have thought that I'd gone cuckoo, but what the heck! And surprisingly, the reaction was more positive than cynicism. They all smiled back. And it felt good.

I felt guilty that all the while I blamed others for not putting a smile my way. Not realising that one needs to try to get a smile in return!

Lesson learnt. From now on, I'd make the extra effort to spread happiness and feel a lot happier myself!

Here's a S-M-I-L-I-N-G ME signing off!!! :)


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