Tuesday, July 04, 2006

The Green Revolution

It's weird how everyone I know has now transmogrified into a small, green dot. Flashing on the computer screen with wacky message lines, it's the newage lingo for 'keeping in touch'.

Meeting up over a cuppa or smsing or even calling eachother has become outdated. In a world of stone faces and no-polite-conversations, we are happy to do away with the humane touch and depend on an arbid string of words. Even e-mail inboxes are left cluttered with absurd forwards. Guess, a green dot is your new link to your world of friends, family, lover, neighbour, boss, etc.

Barring the being-aloof factor, the green dot has become a matter of convenience -- it's quicker, easier, less troublesome and a cheaper stay-in-touch option. And you no longer have to worry about intruding into someone else's space, as the colour of the dot gives you the go-ahead!

So hopefully the green dot will help everyone relink to their loved ones. So go on, keep the communication always green.


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