Monday, November 06, 2006

Must be the Money!

I cringe watching ex-cricket captain, Saurav Ganguly, wording reasons why we should support the Indian cricketing wonders. An advertisement that would have definitely raked in some "good" moolah for the sinking star, but has most definitely left him with little or no fans.

At a time, when he is yet to bat his way back to the Indian team, this ad clearly proves his downfall. His insipid, scripted, melodramatic lines in the ad reeks of greed and no goodwill. It only reiterates that money can buy anyone. If he was a self-respecting man, he would not have sold his "ill-timings" for a soft-drink!

It's another thing that even Saurav's prayers didn't work wonders for the Indian team at the ICC championships. In fact, the men in blue know that win or lose, they still have the fizzy drinks to fall back on.

Wonder if "dada" too will give his diminishing career a little more respect and restrain from selling himself again.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ive disliked 'dada' ever since his topless dance in England...

2:36 PM  

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