Sunday, August 06, 2006

I've got an Oscar too!

Last week, I was awarded (more like gifted) an "Oscar" by my partner-in-crime for what I believe is, an acknowledgment for my stupendous performance as the most perfect, loving partner!!

Meet Oscar, a blueish-reddish-blackish, fishy addition to my little home.

So goodbye to boring days, welcome to Oscar entertaintment - his colourful fins and excellent moves could put even Michael Jackson to shame.

Oscar prefers to rule his little bowl. And, this way I get to have him all to myself, no more fighting for his attention! From his fridge-top base, he keeps a close watch on me.

And whenever I am low or happy or crazy or tantrumic, I know that Oscar will always be there to listen me out!!!

Here's me signing off with a fishy kiss for my beloved OSCAR!


Blogger Sav said...

Reality a few days later: Oscar has to watch all the cooking that happens from his vantage point atop the fridge. Since cooking includes large quantities of meat and fish, Oscar has been pretty much reduced to a trembling leaf. He has been given to believe he's next. Once in a while he is told he is very boring, and has his bowl shaken and tapped at, apparently in an attempt to make him dance.

3:32 PM  
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