Wednesday, June 21, 2006

I misfired

Apologises for pushing starlet Rakhi Sawant to the rock bottom, ridiculing her molestation accusations as a baseless, sly publicity stunt. Being a member of the media, I should have been more discerning before passing judgments about such sensitive issues.

However, the images on Aaj Tak opened only one side of the story. They showed, over and over again in true, in-your-face Aaj Tak style, how an 'innocent' kiss at a birthday party was blown out of proportion. With only bare-bodied, gyrating moves to go for Rakhi, one was quick to belittle her.

Much later, disturbing images of the same episode was telecast on CNN-IBN. The inhuman way in which the little-known singer Mika grabbed the item girl for a long smooch is simply outrageous. No woman, dressed skimpily or otherwise, would want a man to treat her in such a filthy way.

That leads to the common notion, which is what I fell prey for as well, that women who wear revealing clothes are game for anything. It's just a 'male chauvinist' way of thinking, I admit. The way a woman dresses does not necessarily imply that they are willing to undress their values and culture.

In a society like ours, women are forced to dress in a certain manner so as not to attract any unwanted male attention. And if they are bold enough to shake away from the norms, they are immediately typecast as 'loose' women.

Does it mean that a woman in a skimpy outfit does not have the right to decide whom she wants to kiss? Looking at Mika's filthy act, in front of the media, one could well imagine how he would ogle at other women/dancers in his troupe behind the cameras. Mika should not be allowed to walk away after committing this crime. He should learn not only to sing tunes to woo women, inorder to sell his album, but learn to respect them in real life as well.

And for all the men out there, the next time you look up a girl's skirt, remember that her heels are just as sharp enough to stab as well!


Blogger Pradeep said...

No wonder the issue is getting serious; though initially we all thought it was a mere publicity stunt.

12:17 AM  

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