Friday, August 04, 2006

Idli, dosa or diamonds?

This question is open only to women. Which would you pick first? In all probability, it would be a diamond, unless you have way too many of them and are extremely hungry!

But there's a wet grinder company which claims that women would inevitably pick idlis and dosas over diamonds. Their ad tagline reads - "Who said a diamond is a woman's best friend?" -- plastered below the image of a lady with the happily using the wet-grinder.

I wonder what the ad-makers had in mind when they thought out this tagline.

Are they implying that wet grinders can be women's only best friends? Are they suggesting that we should not waste money on expensive jewellery but remain caged within the four walls of our house, cooking idlis and dosas?

Hell NO! It's time the wet grinder company" did a recheck.

It's not taboo to make idlis and dosas, but NOT at the cost of diamonds!


Anonymous Shikha said...

I AGREE. How annoying an ad that must be! Its not caught my eye yet, but when it does, I will surely smirk in irritation.

I just hope it isn't a woman copywriter who's behind this.

9:03 AM  
Anonymous joseph said...

seriously... if this was an ad for handmixies, one could understand.

6:46 PM  

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